Salon Sedona - Hairstyles by Design
If you know the stylist that you would like to reach directly, please look below.
 If you do not have a preference, please contact the owner who will be happy to direct you to the stylist that can best fit your needs.
Carie Carrasco            (770)256-4255

Melissa Cason             (404)680-3418
Linda Bruce                (404)316-7137
Olga Kane                  (770)530-8063

Chieree Flanagan        (770)866-4944

Whitney  Ondik           (404)403-4873
Chadd Vinson             (404)932-7527

Karen  Lynn                 Referral only

Brittney Logan           (404)509-3516     

Anne Trenton             (770) 256-4255 

Christy Daniels           (770)256-4255
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